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Noble Painted License Plate Panel Subaru BRZ 2022 / GR86 2022


Key Features:
  • Gloss black or paint matched finish
  • Aftermarket styling
  • Installs in minutes
Gloss Black
D4S - Crystal Black Silica/Raven
G1U - Ice Silver Metallic/Steel
P8Y - Magnetite Grey/Pavement
DAR - Neptune
WCH - Trueno Blue/Sapphire Blue
K7X - World Rally Blue

Noble Painted License Plate Panel


2022 Subaru BRZ
2022 Toyota GR86

Subaru produced license plate panels for a number of their past vehicles like the 15-21 WRX (which they kept available only in Japan).  This inspired us to have our very own panel.  It fits the sunken in area of your rear bumper where your license plate is (of course!). 

It's a subtle change of design to the area and can also add contrast depending on your vehicle's paint color.

NOTE:  Gloss black is also known as piano black.  Crystal Black Silica / Raven (D4S) is a metallic black paint.


Prep the application area by removing your license plate and making sure your vehicle's paint is clean and free from wax, ceramic coating and anything else that may interfere with the 3M.

Find an environment between 70-85 degrees.  Hold the panel up to the desired installation area first to test fit.  Then pull the ends of the 3M protector film up enough so that you can grab them once you realign the plate to the vehicle.  Hold up the plate to the vehicle and remove all the 3M protector films.  Press firmly on the plate in all areas that have tape for a minute.  In 24 hours the tape will achieve 90% bonding strength.  100% is achieved after a total of 72 hours.


This vehicle is warrantied against manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year.  Please submit photos if you have a warranty claim.

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