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Noble STI OE Style Spoiler for VB Chassis Subaru WRX Wing 2022-2023


K7X - World Rally Blue
M6Y - Ceramic White
DCK - Ignition Red
WCL - Solar Orange
WCH - Sapphire Blue
D4S - Crystal Black Silica
P8Y - Magnetite Grey
G1U - Ice Silver Metallic

Noble STI OE Style Spoiler for VB Chassis

Fitment Information:

2022-2023 Subaru WRX


  • OE styling, new ABS bases designed for the VB chassis
  • Paint matched from the factory
  • Fits with OEM low profile spoiler
  • Easy and ready to install

While the new 2022+ WRX looks great with the older STI spoiler, the geometry of the trunk makes installing an old wing a bit of a chore.  We've modified the bases and stocked new inventory to suit the needs of our customers.  Constructed out of ABS plastic, every wing is nearly identical.  Fitment is proper due to extensive testing and retesting. 6 bolt design keeps it secure to your trunk.

NOTE:  Wind noise is possible with some setups.  This depends on the other parts on your vehicle.  Should you experience noise, you can also install our Whistle B Gone Kit.


Lay out all of the parts and use the template as a reference for what is included.  You will want to do this installation with a buddy.  This will help you as you are drilling into your trunk.

Prep the surface by cleaning it thoroughly.  Assemble thing wing completely.  Use the template and a center punch to note the three holes you will need to drill.  Test fit the wing.  Once satisfied, drill a pilot hole and then the final hole (x3 per side).

Place the wing back on the trunk.  Check alignment.  Remove spoiler and complete the steps noted on the template / instruction sheet.  Move to final install on the trunk.  Do not tighten all the bolts completely.  Hand tighten all 6 loosely.  Allow wing to settle into position without any tension.  Now tighten the bolts each a little more.  Repeat process until all 6 are snug.

The inserts you are bolting into are inserted into the plastic mold.   Tighten firmly, but do not overtighten.  Check the bolts after 100 miles and then again after 250 miles.

Do not slam trunk now that you have this new spoiler.  It will weigh more than it previously did.

Spoiler may increase wind noise vs stock, If you do not have an exhaust, it may be more prevalent than with an aftermarket exhaust. 


WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm. (

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